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The 2017 Budget and Childcare

The budget announced that there is to be further help for parents with childcare costs.  It has now opened the scheme to the self-employed and this will replace the childcare vouchers as we know.  The money expert has written a superb piece on this so I have added the link for in depth details.

How will this affect nannies and families

Anybody wishing to use the financial help for childcare must be Ofsted registered.  We know many nannies now do this on a voluntary basis but it will become even more prevalent that nannies have this in place when applying for work.

What can you do:

  1. You will need an Ofsted compliant nanny training course
  2. Up to date first
  3. Nanny insurance
  4. DBS

Two crucial facts that will hold up your application

  1. The training course
  2. First aid.

Reasons:  Many courses are booked up so you may need to wait to take them, so our advice is doing it as soon as possible.  In gaining Nanny training it needs to be with a reputable company and that you learn skills from it.  So, choose the right course for you and where you will get support.

If you have these two ready to go, then the nanny insurance is quite simple to get and the DBS is normally connected to the application for the Ofsted.  Please check before applying for a DBS via anyone else if needing Ofsted registration otherwise you may pay twice.

Parents will often help with some of the costs towards this registration so, if you have paid for your courses then negotiate the extra costs for insurance and a DBS.  They may put a clause in your contract that if you leave before a year they will require a pro rata amount back from you. That is fair as you take all your documents with you when you leave as they are in your name and the parents would need to start the process all over again.

When using an agency for your next job they will help and advise you in all these matters

For those using our training programme we would be happy to advise on suitable companies to help you in all aspects of

  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • First aid
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Health and Safety

ID-100156342 (First Aid)As a member of the FSB, I get a lot of updates on employment law which is very useful.  Recently I have been sent the information regarding Health and safety, whilst some of this will not apply to parents employing a nanny it is vital that some factors are adhered to.

Health and safety is the responsibility of the employer and that is the same if you employ a Nanny.

Sole charge Nanny:

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the nannies place of work is a safe environment so that accidents are avoidable.  An employer must inform their insurance company that they have a daily nanny.  If you have a live in nanny this detail must be specified.

Nanny with own child:

If you accept a nanny who is bringing their own child to work you will have a duty of care towards that child.  For instance, if the nannie’s child is a baby, and you have stairs you will be required to put a stair gate up.  Are dangerous cleaners and medication locked away? is the garden safe? do you have pets ? and any other potential dangers to the age group.

Nanny Links Advice:

It is imperative that parents are aware of their duty towards a nanny and health and safety matters are in place.

Nanny Link offers a training module in Health and safety and one aspect we cover is risk assessments.  It is an important for the nanny and the family to complete a risk assessment so that any potential problems can be addressed.  Keep records of these being done.

Always ensure the nanny has up to date first aid, there is an accident book available, and the first aid kit is up to date.

For insurance purposes our advice is to speak directly to your insurance company or contact a nanny specific company such as

Morton Michel;

For First aid:

First aid:

For further understanding of Health and Safety working as a nanny we do offer this as part of the ofsted registration training. Please contact us for further information.

Module cost for Health and Safety: £23.00

We hope you find these guidelines from the Federation of small businesses useful.


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Professional Nanny Training -New Dates Confirmed

  • Dbaby-on-the-beach-300x200 (2)o you want to become a nanny?
  • Are you looking for a career change?
  • Are you a nanny who would like refresher training?
  • Are you looking to further develop your nanny skills and career prospects?
  • Are you looking to transition from a nursery to a domestic environment?
  • Are you thinking of employing a nanny and would like to have a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of a nanny?

Nanny Training Link can offer you the skills and attributes to build on and enhance child-care skills. Margaret Cowell, founder and writer of this course is NNEB qualified, worked as a nanny for many years in many varied roles, and until recently ran her own nanny agency helping families and childcare practitioners for more than 21 years, all whilst being a working mother.

Drawing on extensive personal experience and a lifetime in the profession, this training combines theoretical approaches with practical advice developed through years of hands-on involvement in child-care. You will acquire plenty of  helpful tips, leave the course full of confidence, assured in the knowledge not only that support is available but also where to get it when needed.

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate that will evidence your personal commitment to training and help with OFSTED registration too.

To coincide with the London Baby Show 2017, these training sessions are being offered on SPECIAL OFFER reduced from £139.00 to just £105.00 (plus a small booking fee). This offer also includes a guest speaker, Emma Hammet of First Aid for Life, who will be presenting a First Aid Q&A session and giving attendees FREE access to the First aid for Life online course for childhood accident training (normal price £67). Our thanks to Emma for this amazing offer.

Course will be held in London on Friday 3rd March 2017 and Saturday 4th March 2017. For further information or to make a reservation, please click here. For enquiries, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Nanny Training Course

ID-100177324 (Blackboard 2)nannytraininglink is pleased to announce a new nanny training course in association with Keri Cartwright of Nutkins Nannies covering:

  • Activities for Children
  • Employment Matters for Nannies
  • PLUS free first aid taster session by Keri

To launch the new course nannytraininglink is offering places at just £23 per person (a 50% reduction on the usual price of £46).

The course is scheduled for 7.30pm-9.30pm on Wednesday 25th January at Hurst Community Centre, Hurst Road, Sidcup, Kent.

For more information and to reserve your place, please CLICK HERE.

Margaret Cowell

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New Training Dates Published

ID-100177324 (Blackboard 2)NEW! nannytraininglink is pleased to announce its new training course dates covering the following subject areas:

  • Child development
  • Employment matters as a nanny
  • Health and safety as a nanny
  • Healthy diet as a nanny
  • Professional nanny training one full day
  • Professional relationships as a nanny
  • Understanding and working in a family home environment

For more information and to reserve your place, please CLICK HERE.

Margaret Cowell

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Wrap-Around Care

ID-10033734 (Nanny2)An article appeared in the Daily Mail regarding Nurseries opening at 6am until 8pm to help working parents cover the hours to enable them to work full time.  The Government believe this will be more flexible for parents enabling them to return to work without the worry and concerns of time issues for care of the children.

Nanny links comments

Unfortunately, the Government do not seem to consider that wrap around care is available for parents in the form of a Nanny. Many nannies do work longer hours than establishments currently offer and this has always been the professions unique selling point. It also gives children the opportunity to be cared for at their own home.  Over the years we saw a trend commence for shared care which became popular where children would have a nanny part of the week and other care such as a nursery or grandparents the remaining time, which can be an ideal solution for parents.

There are advantages to all the care sectors available. Parents make the choice of the setting their children attend for many reasons this may be, hours available, location, and costs.  What seems to be forgotten is that there is a 3rd choice available to parents and it would be good if the nanny profession was more widely recognised as an option rather than dismissed. On any information put out about childcare it is always nurseries and childminders mentioned not the nanny as an option.

Nanny link is meeting with BAPN (British Association of Nannies) and ANA (Association of Nanny agencies), along with other groups representing nannies to further speak about the concerns of Nannies and how they just seem to be dismissed when Government look at childcare options. One aim is how can this profession can gain endorsement from the Government for Professional Nannies to have the recognition as a childcare choice.

Nannies should be checked, trained, have DBS, and first aid.  By going through a reputable agency they are able to ensure nannies adhere to these.  This further enhances the portrayal of a nanny as a professional childcare option.  All the above requirements to become a nanny are widely available with using the right sources parents can be assured of who is looking after the children and when employing a nanny, it is their choice who cares for their children

Margaret Cowell

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