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The 2017 Budget and Childcare

The budget announced that there is to be further help for parents with childcare costs.  It has now opened the scheme to the self-employed and this will replace the childcare vouchers as we know.  The money expert has written a … Continue reading

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Wrap-Around Care

An article appeared in the Daily Mail regarding Nurseries opening at 6am until 8pm to help working parents cover the hours to enable them to work full time.  The Government believe this will be more flexible for parents enabling them … Continue reading

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Car Safety

Today GMB (Good morning Britain) had a very through report on this article and for nannies it is a major safety aspect of their work and we would advise them to be aware of the law and keep updated regularly … Continue reading

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It was reported on various programmes today and through the BBC news about the meningitis.  This is a very important illness to be recognised when caring for children and speed of identifying this quickly is extremely important. Nanny link training … Continue reading

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The Dummies Guide to Dummies

A recent news story in the Telegraph sparked controversy and outrage when it was reported that David and Victoria Beckham allow their four-year-old daughter Harper to continue to use a dummy. Whether right or wrong (and even expert opinions are divided … Continue reading

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Coping with Holiday Childcare Arrangements

Many families will have to face the long summer holidays whilst still having to fulfill work commitments. With an employee’s annual leave entitlement running at around 4-5 weeks per annum and school holidays being 13 weeks per annum (private schools … Continue reading

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The True Cost of Cheap Nannies

The risks of not using a professional nanny agency with a reputation for standards and integrity are clearly highlighted in this Daily Mail story. Fortunately no harm came to any child on this occasion but the situation nonetheless illustrates the … Continue reading

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