Scarlet Fever

teddy-242885_960_720The daily Mail wrote a large article on this over the weekend and we have decided to share this with our nannies and parents.

Nannies are often aware of childhood illnesses within their charges childcare environment i.e. playgroups, nursery or school very quickly due to taking the children to and from these activities. Any child who has their own health problems should be monitored carefully in looking for the signs and symptoms early on so to avoid complications. All nannies should inform the parents immediately and write this in the daily diary if informed of any of these illnesses. Parents can then make a decision as to the action taken. As explained above this is a treatable child hood illness and can be administered easily.

By keeping a daily diary for the nanny to complete and parents at the weekend to also fill out it is easier to spot when a child is beginning to come down with a virus or generally not feeling well. Most children become tired, possibly irritable, maybe have a slight temperature and off food so do keep an eye on children if you notice this occurring. By knowing what the children did at the weekend will help you make an informed choice. For instance, if they have been away or had a very busy time it maybe they just need a rest day and nothing more. Alternatively, you may notice they are not themselves and then you let the parents know and everyone can just keep a watchful eye.

Our training course covers communication with parents which is very relevant.

Always check with a GP/ Nurse if you suspect your charges have the signs and symptoms of Scarlet fever

Margaret Cowell

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Car Safety

fun_autoToday GMB (Good morning Britain) had a very through report on this article and for nannies it is a major safety aspect of their work and we would advise them to be aware of the law and keep updated regularly for any chances and when children outgrow their current arrangements when a change is needed.

Car safety is of paramount importance for the children you care for. It is imperative if the journey is 2 minutes or 2 hours the children must be safe in your car. The information given by the good egg Car safety company is very helpful as the law and restrictions can be very confusing. Nanny link training has a module dedicated to teaching the different aspects of safety that a nanny should be implementing.

Margaret Cowell

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teddy-242878_640 (2)It was reported on various programmes today and through the BBC news about the meningitis.  This is a very important illness to be recognised when caring for children and speed of identifying this quickly is extremely important. Nanny link training has linked the article.

When caring for children as a nanny it is very important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of childhood illnesses. Every nanny should have first aid training and if unsure of the childhood illnesses conditions to look them up so they can act quickly. There are many first aid courses available costs do vary but all nannies must undertake a paediatric course. It is part of a nannies responsibilities to have this for their professionalism when working and applying for jobs along with a DBS.

Margaret Cowell


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Meeting of Minds

meeting-1019768_960_720On Saturday 6th February I attended a fantastic day at the “Meeting of Minds” event arranged by Margaret Cowell of nannytraininglink.

Margaret began proceedings by introducing the assembled audience to the Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) which represents many established nanny agencies from all around the country. This was followed by presentation from First Aid for Life (a first aid course provider) and Way2paye (a specialist payroll company).

ANA had some great ideas about working together. My own company, Nanny Matters, saw clear opportunities to collaborate with ANA and provide them with more feedback about the ups and downs of nanny life.

Each agency highlighted their particular struggles and successes. We became aware of the long hours of hard work that nanny agencies dedicate to provide the very best service for nannies and their employers, dealing with (among others)

  • negotiating and securing contracts;
  • providing employment and childcare advice;
  • gathering verifiable references;
  • making DBS checks;
  • arranging training;
  • promoting career development; and
  • sourcing reliable, trustworthy and suitably qualified nannies.

The nanny agencies with which we met already belong to ANA and encouraged us to give feedback on families, working conditions and pay. At the meeting, Nanny Matters was able to communicate feedback already gathered from the Nanny Matters meet ups and forums like Dulwich Nannies on Facebook. We propose to maintain close contact, hoping that this honest, objective feedback will help improve recruitment and working conditions for everyone.

First Aid for Life demonstrated a twelve-hour first aid course that they deliver in a new and innovative way. Nanny Matters was very impressed and is happy to recommend them.

Way2paye provide an excellent service tailored specifically for the childcare sector and are worth mentioning for their pragmatic and professional approach to tax and pay. Again Nanny Matters highly recommends them.

The clear message from the meeting was that agencies are keen to develop and execute better communication strategies as well as a more joined-up approach to working. This is key to establishing long, happy and mutually beneficial relationships between nannies and agencies.

For its part, Nanny Matters is looking forward to embracing the opportunities presented at the meeting to ensure a bright future by working with nannies and agencies to improve

  • the professional image of the childcare sector through the EYFS curriculum;
  • education and career development through the provision of specialist training;
  • confidence through better information exchange to share ideas and experiences so that nannies and their employers better understand not just the legal and regulatory environment but also appreciate the realities of working as a nanny/child-carer.

We can only imagine how much easier and more successful finding a fabulous nanny role will be if nanny agencies and nannies work more closely. Our thanks to Margaret for arranging and chairing such a wonderful networking event: it was an inspiring, thought-provoking meeting!

Kathy Landmann

Nanny Matters

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OFSTED Common Core Skills for Nannies

ID-100290342 (Blackboard)Nannytraininglink offers courses that cover the six common core skills and knowledge required by nannies wishing to become OFSTED registered. The nannytraininglink one-day intense Professional Nanny Training Course is designed to ensure that nannies have a full understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to work as a nanny and covers these OFSTED six common core skills.

Nannytraininglink is also able to offer CACHE-endorsed, certified short-course training sessions of 2-3 hours each for those who have previous training or experience in childcare and want to update their skills but do not wish to obtain OFSTED registration.

All nannytraininglink trainers are all fully qualified, having worked extensively in various roles as nannies or professional child-carers and gained experience in nanny recruitment: this means that they fully appreciate and understand the need to balance parental requirements with a nanny’s personal desire to engage in continued professional development

Who should take which nannytraininglink course?

CACHE-endorsed Certificate for The Professional Nanny: This course is suited to

  • Candidates with at least two years working experience with children or a recognisable qualification within childcare and have already qualified for a CACHE certificate

Introduction to being a nanny/ home child carer: This course is suited to

  • Nannies with no childcare qualifications or training who would like to register with OFSTED
  • Nursery Nurses seeking to work as a Nanny
  • Mothers Helps, Childminder Assistants and Au Pairs

Where are nannytraininglink courses held?

Courses are usually held in the Greater London, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Bournemouth, and Essex areas. However, FOR GROUPS OF SIX OR MORE nannytraininglink is able to accommodate other locations. Please use our CONTACT page to enquire about a training course in your locality.

Are other courses available?

With more than thirty years’ experience in personnel, training and employment matters, nannytraininglink also offers the courses below to help nannies improve their employment opportunities

Transferable Employment Skills for Nannies

The ever changing child-care market means that nannies often look to split their working week between a part time nanny post and other employment. On this course you will learn to understand how the knowledge and experience gained as a nanny can be transferred into transferable skills for alternative roles.

Course Duration 2 hours      Course Cost: £25

CV Workshop

Your CV is your personal advertisement and the key to the door of the interview room. The way in which a CV is presented and the information it contains is essential to selling your RELEVANT skills, knowledge, experience and employability. On this course you will learn how to present yourself professionally, define your unique selling points, and accurately portray your individuality.

Course Duration 2.5 hours      Course Cost: £30

Margaret Cowell

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Healthy Meals for Children

ID-100110377This article in the Daily Mail highlights the dangers of hidden sugars in food. This is hardly news because these risks have long been known and in recent times have been the subject of intense public scrutiny and a cause of concern. However, the article serves as a reminder that parents and child-care professionals must provide children with a healthy and balanced diet.

Studies have shown that food acceptability, choices and tolerance are learnt from the first day that babies are weaned on solids (perhaps even as early as when in the womb); these experiences determine lifetime eating habits. Whilst pre-prepared foods (such as jars of puree) can be convenient, these are not comparable to fresh healthy homemade food and should not be seen as a substitute.

It is important that families and those caring for children (whether childminders, nannies or school meals providers) ensure that the food given to children delivers all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and health benefits to help them grow and develop physically and psychologically. Sensible, healthy food choices in early ears encourage good diets throughout life.

Once children are old enough, they should be involved in food preparation. The vibrant colours of good healthy vegetables and the mess involved in preparing meals in general are both unbelievably appealing to children. Shaping food also helps encourage children to participate in cooking and to eat what has been prepared; that sense of ownership is essential …and curiously persuasive to a young mind!

Moreover, involving children in meal-making can be a wonderful, shared, bonding experience –one that will stay with them for life and benefit them for an entire lifetime. The benefits of being able to prepare gastronomic delights will teach children not just culinary know-how but also technical and presentational skills that will serve them long into adulthood, when home gatherings and entertainment based around meals become a social norm and bonding experience within the circle of family and friends. Everyone loves a good cook!

If you would like to understand how best to prepare meals that ensure a healthy, balanced diet, nannytraininglink offers short course training, advice sessions, and activity modules. Please see out TRAINING COURSES PAGE or  CONTACT US for more information.

Margaret Cowell

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Taking those First Steps into a Big, Wide World

14868308880_a08d57b70bWhat lovely articles and pictures we saw in the press this morning of Prince George looking confident and happy on his first day at nursery.  Nannytraininglink wishes the prince well as he ventures into this new and exciting world.

Not all children, though, are as confident, happy, or even as well-prepared for the Untitledexperience. Children are naturally wary of change. Many on their first day at nursery or at school can become “clingy”, introverted, moody, tearful, scared and even traumatised at the prospect of being “left alone”, of leaving behind the routine, familiarity and comforts of home life and their domestic surroundings.

It is important therefore that parents and nannies of pre-nursery and pre-school children recognise these behaviours as a consequence of natural anxieties and do their best to allay any worries. Simply talking to children, explaining what will happen, and asking them questions long in advance of their first day will prepare children for the change. Parents and nannies should focus on the positive aspects of nursery and school so that children are sufficiently engaged in the process and thrilled by the exciting new opportunities on offer to make new friends, play new games, learn from different experiences, and discover so many new things about the wider world around them.

For some, the thought that this is their first step into being a “grown up” might be enough to persuade them of the merits! For others, perhaps the opportunity to meet their new class mates (if known) in a home environment may be sufficient to alleviate their worries, simply because they’ll already know someone else there. With appropriate planning and advance discussion to mitigate any anxiety or fears, children should be able to slip more comfortably into their new environment.

If you would like to understand how best to prepare pre-nursery or pre-school children for their first ventures into formal social and/or educational environments, nannytraininglink offers short course training, advice sessions, and activity modules. Please CONTACT US for more information.

In the meantime, we wish our future king a bright, happy and fulfilling future!

Margaret Cowell

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